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I lost my progress. How do I get it back?

First, check if you're connected to the Internet and signed in with the same Game Center / Google Play ID.

If not, try signing in with the Game Center / Google Play ID that you've used when playing Solitaire: Decked Out.

If signing in is not the issue for you, try clearing the cached data and restarting the app.

You can clear your cached data in your device by:

Settings > Application Manager (See More if you can't find it) > Solitaire: Decked Out > Clear Cache

If you can't find a way to clear cached data in your device, deleting and re-installing the app will also clear the cache.

Upon starting the app, check Collection to see that your old progress is syncing.

If not, try winning a game to see a prompt requesting that you choose which data to continue saving.

Contact us here if you need further assistance.

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